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Collaborative thinking and development of services in an ever changing marketplace....

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Our origin ?


IT and Business Consulting

Our Company

Initially founded in 2012 by two very experienced Business and IT consultants to plug a gap in the marketplace that existed, then further developed in more recent times by the involvement of other similarly experienced consultants. 

We work in partnership with organisations of varying sizes generating mutual growth and measurable ROI. Leveraging expertise, experience & our contact base to deliver optimal success, with a view to achieving & maintaining relevant & coherent results in an ever changing marketplace.


Our experience covers a number of strategic markets including, Defence, Uilities, Internet Services, Online Gaming, Aerospace & Aviation as well as pure IT infrastructure & Systems environments.

Our goals Vision?

we only measure our success by the increase in success we bring to your business! Your goals are our goals!

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We provide a totally independent & agnostic approach to our solutions. If is not the right fit for you then its not right for us either. It's as simple as that!