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About our B Smart Online service..

Why is B Smart Online so cheap?

~  Our operating costs are very low which means we can keep the "offer price" at an extremely attractive level. We believe that this allows our  customers an excellent opportunity to compete in a market that is normally dominated by businesses that are larger or financially more capable.

How quickly can I be set up?

~  Once you complete the limited contact details we require from you on our website, we will get in touch via email to begin the process of setting up a mutually acceptable advertising schedule. Barring any special requirements (e.g. setting up any pictures from scanned documents), it has been possible to set up an  advertising schedule within the hour!

Can I setup a standing order?

~  Currently this option is not available but we are evaluating the possibility of providing this facility soon.

Are there any advertising restrictions? 

~  We are bound by codes of moral decency and legal limitations. This means that any advertising references, which we believe appear to break these limitations will not be accepted. Potential material that could cause rejection include any written, diagrammatic or photographic material promoting the use or abuse of  religion, pornography, illegal drugs, illegal practices and discrimination that causes any moral or physical offense

Are there any advertising restrictions?

~  We are bound by the limitations that dictate how communications are made and structured by the social media channels that we use (e.g. Twitter is limited to tweets containing no more than 140 characters each. However, there are ways this can be extended. (Don’t worry we can assist you on this)

~  Some advertising agents place specific controls for the ‘pleasure’ of using their services! (e.g. you need to offer special discounts otherwise they cannot  include you in the advertising schedules). We do not stipulate any special conditions. Our advertising price has no ‘small print’ conditions

How secure is my personal data?

~  Our policy is never to divulge or publish any personal information about any of our specific customers

How does Local, National & International work?

~  Actually, there are no real boundaries in that the social media channels that we use are available at all geographical levels. This just means that your  advertising focus can be aimed at customer base that you require. For example, you may be a plumber or restaurant wishing to advertise in yout "local" area, wherever in  the world that may be.

Do I have any control over the content of the advertising?

~  As ong as the proposed advertising content does not contravene our codes of business practice ( see our question "are there any restrictions" above) you, as  the customer determine the content.

How many adverts can I have?

~  10 Twitter adverts(tweets) in any one 24 hour day. Each tweet promotes your service or product and directs interested parties to the communication channels you wish ( e.g. telephone, email, fax, website, postal address)

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