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About our B Smart Online service....

What is the maximum  frequency?

~  All adverts will remain in force for the duration of the marketing offer option chosen by you.

~  The 10 tweets can be spread over the 24 hour period and then run all 7 days of the week on Twitter.

~ 1 Facebook and/or Pinterest advert per week. You can choose to move you Pinterest allocation to Facebook or vice versa if you wish to.

Can I increase the number of adverts or frequency?

~  No. Currently only the allocation of adverts mentioned above is possible, but we are considering  an opportunity to increase    this  number in the future for a small uplift.

Will I have to repeat the sign-up details on the website?

~  No. As long as you inform us 7 days before your current offer option comes to an end. We will email out a reminder 2 weeks before the your current offer ends. Your offer will be re-activated upon receipt of payment.

What Payment methods are accepted?

~  We accept all major International credit/debit cards (e.g. Visa, Mastercard) and Paypal 

Do I need to pay In United Kingdom Sterling?

~  Yes. Our non UK customers will need to pay an exchange rate premium unless they already have a UK Sterling account.

Do I need to have a Twitter; Facebook or Pinterest account?

~   No. As we will use our own Social Media accounts to advertise your Service(s) or Product(s) or Trade(s). 

Do I need to have a website?

~   No. Interested parties will get in contact with you via your chosen communications methods (e.g phone, fax, email, postal address).

How will I know that additional customers are being found via this offer?

~  Either by adding a reference to be quoted in your advertising or by asking them as part of your initial discussion with them when they buy your Service or


What is the minimum offer period?

~  The minimum  "offer period"  is 3 months. You can elect to start with 3 months. We have options for 6,9,12 months as well. We also offer options for periods longer than 12 months.  For all offer periods less than 12 months,the weekly rate is £9.50.  For 12 months & above, the weekly rate drops to just £7.50. All

options represent great value for money!