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About the B Smart Online product...

What is the Product?

~ Currently, we are providing an automated and managed service to make the best use of social and networking media platforms includingTwitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest  to advertise your Products and Services. We are also currently evaluating other Social Media options for the inclusion in the future.

How stable is the Product?

~ We only make use of World Renowned, tried and tested Social Media applications and we monitor this on an ongoing basis for your peace of mind. Stability of any of these or anything else electronic can never be 100% guaranteed. However, due to resilient & fault tolerant technologies available today a figure  approaching this is possible. This is out of our control , but we would expect every reasonable effort from these vendors to maintain uptime of the underlying


How Secure is the Product?

~ By the very International nature and heavy duty widespread use across the globe, the Social Media sites we use are protected by the most up to date  antivirus, malware and firewall security which provide a robust, secure and reliable product.

Is the subscription refundable?

 No, as we are assuming that the you are consenting to go ahead with the service after having looked at our website, understanding what is being provided and if necessary contacting Springboard IT Service Group for clarification of anything that you may not understand before making any payment.  Once payment is made there is no cooling off period and monies will not be refundable.

When will my subscription take effect?
 The date of the subscription taking effect will be when a mutual agreement to the marketing content has been agreed by both you and Springboard IT Service Group.