It goes without saying that success for a trade and/or business very much depends upon the demand for its services and/or products and whether the supply of those services and/or products results in subsequent repeat and/or new demand! A key enabler for success is by marketing services and/or products to a receptive and increasing customer base.


In today's every growing electronic and web based world the ubiquitous internet provides an excellent opportunity to exploit the possibilities of getting speedy access to customer bases that would have previously been out of reach, or just taken far too long to access.


SpringBoard IT (SIT) has a very cost effective way to exploit the use of a number of very large and well known social networking customer bases. Additionally, through its membership of professional bodies SIT has further access(in excess of 750,000) to additional high spend customers throughout the UK.


Our Increasing Customer Base offer includes:

Our Bespoke End 2 End solution for the Restaurant marketplace Fayre4U is seeing increased interest & some further development work is being done to fine tune and enhance its capabilities.  We will have some new demo material for clients to view & provide comments upon shortly.

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