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 Making an idea come to fruition can often be a hit or miss affair.

You need to be able to:


1. Qualify that idea in as short a time as possible

2. Validate your decision to allow you to move to the next step

3. Avoid wasting valuable time and money pursuing idea further when  

    it has little or no business merit or value.


 Remember, the sooner you decide to realise the potential of your idea ....the sooner you can reap the benefits for your business! 

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SIT has an innovative approach that could enable you to get to that initial qualifying decision point within just 1-3 weeks.

  • Determine the complexity of the idea, broken down into focused modules
  • Releasing you & others up to move on to more valuable ideas faster
  • After the inital period, you will have a documented Gameplan, & you will know:
  •              - The Key Success Indicators 
  •             - You are ready to make the next key decisions
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  • Use of very experienced staff with the ability to work with staff and management at all levels
  • Use of innovative Visioning workshops at key stages of ideas development
  • Use of a web enabled specialised tool for:

             -  Documented ideas captured at anytime

             -  Recording discussions on ideas accessible to all Ideas participants

             -  Voting on preferred Idea solutions

             -  Allowing full participation in Ideas evaluation activity to all nominated personnel and teams.