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BBC News - UK

Instagram cleaners: Using housework as therapy

Harriet Knock shares cleaning tips on Instagram and encourages people to talk about mental health. Posted: Mon 25th of March, 2019

Tim Peake joins Scouts Association to launch a new science badge for scouts.

Tim Peake says the new science badge for scouts will help highlight different career opportunities for the youth. Posted: Mon 25th of March, 2019

Knife crime: Tony Blair says police losing knife crime battle

The former prime minister says "the emergency" means he is more worried about his own children. Posted: Mon 25th of March, 2019

Prince Charles and Camilla make history in Cuba

The couple are the first members of the royal family to visit the country in an official capacity. Posted: Mon 25th of March, 2019

Figges Marsh 'shooting': Woman and girl, 11, injured

Police are trying to trace a group of people seen in Figges Marsh, London, before shots were fired. Posted: Mon 25th of March, 2019